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  • Fragrance for skin and hair
  • Designed to complement an individual’s character 
  • With notes of fresh linen, white flowers and powdery violets
  • Registered by the Vegan Society™
  • Bottled in a 25% recycled glass flacon and packed in a climate-neutral box
  • Helps to support clean oceans through Plastic Bank




AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Releases their first Eau de Toilette for Skin and Hair

Since its launch in early 2019, AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT has become the go-to holistic, vegan* co-created professional care and styling brand. It has launched in 26 countries and is currently rolling out in further markets around the world as the hairdressing collective continues to grow a movement driven by authentic beauty – the #authenticbeautymovement.

Following on from its successful launch, AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT continues to pave the way forward with authentic products – products with integrity and a no-filter attitude. 2020 saw the release of four, exciting vegan product innovations (Indulging Fluid Oil, Nymph Salt Spray, Airy Texture Spray and Nude Powder Spray) and now, to kick off 2021, the brand is happy to announce the launch of the new AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Eau de Toilette, for skin and hair. 


Salon clients are increasingly expecting an experience that goes beyond hair; it’s about connecting the senses through a mindful memento. The new AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Eau de Toilette aims to evoke memories of the salon experience, creating a lasting moment that is fondly remembered.

Just as fingertips have a unique print, the body has an individual scent of its own. Based on the beliefs of raw and real beauty, the first Eau de Toilette from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT isn’t about masking or covering up; it’s about enhancing the notes that make you, ‘you’. 

The new Eau de Toilette captures the signature fragrance that can be found within both the AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT All Hair Types and Styling ranges; think fresh linen, white flowers and powdery violet notes that have been carefully blended for a subtle scent. The pure and fresh perfume balances elegance and character with a clean, crisp finish. 

With sustainability built into the brand’s ethos, the AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Eau de Toilette also comes in a beautiful flacon-style glass bottle that’s made from 25% recycled glass. This is packaged in a climate-neutral box, which supports the NGO, Plastic Bank; a social enterprise committed to stopping ocean plastic through ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities.

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