Terms & Conditions


These terms govern the use of our website.

“ClaireStyle” / “we” / “us” refers to the owners of the business and website that you are currently browsing.
“You”/ “Our Client” refers to the person browsing the website, our client/supplier, or the person booking or receiving our services or products. If you continue to browse our website, use our services or open a dialogue with us, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined below:

  • Our website may use cookies to store browsing preferences or to enable the use of a private members area or portal.
  • All content used on our website in graphical or written form is copyright to us and is either created by us or purchased for our use. Where we include other owners work relevant credit will be shown. Reproduction of any part of our website is prohibited without our express prior consent.
  • We are not liable for discrepancies in the data on our website, or the consequences of any advice given or linked to that you may follow. It is your responsibility to ensure that any products or tutorials are suitable for your needs and requirements.
  • Unauthorised use of our website may lead to your prosecution. Likewise, we are not liable should our website not be available for any reason.


These terms govern the appointment or purchase of products and services.

Pricing, Charges and Fees

Our website and any printed literature will detail the pricing for our products and services. Our prices can be amended at any time without prior notice and services/products can be withdrawn. If a product has been ordered upon your request and cannot be re-used within the business you will be liable for its cost.

Damages, Complaints and Refunds

We work to the highest of standards and are fully qualified in the use and application of our products and the services offered. We are fully insured and details of our insurance provider are available upon request.

Patch testing is required at least 48 hours prior to appointment. You will be responsible for unexpected results if you have not been honest with your previous hair history, or have not followed the guidance and aftercare advice supplied by us.

If you are not happy with the service received, we will offer to correct it. If you are not happy with the correction then a refund either in part, or full, will be offered at our discretion. We will not offer refunds where you have changed your mind with regards to the service received.

We are not liable for damages to property or persons in or around your home/venue/address or location of the appointment.

You agree to indemnify us from any and all claims in connection with your use of our products and services, including but not limited to adverse reactions.

Travel and parking

For mobile appointments, where applicable, a majority of our visits will be undertaken by car, and we shall endeavour to find suitable parking. Should we not be able to find suitable parking we will seek advice from you in that regard, and any parking fines or costs for vehicle damage will be borne by you at our discretion.

Due to the nature of our business the time given for the appointment is flexible. We cannot be held accountable for delays due to traffic, weather or otherwise. If we are not able to keep to the time given, we will endeavour to get to you as quickly as possible and will keep you informed as much as possible. Likewise we expect you to be punctual and aware of the time constraints of the appointment.


Bookings can be made via email or via phone. Sometimes a deposit will be required which you will be informed about when the booking is confirmed. This is usually for weddings or other major events, or appointments that might otherwise cost our company money if the appointment is not fulfilled.


Every care is taken to ensure a safe workspace. We reserve the right to cancel an appointment should we deem a venue/location to be unsafe, unhealthy or hazardous.

You may be required to wear personal protective equipment such as gowns or glasses.


We require 48 hour’s notice for an appointment to be cancelled. Where a deposit has been taken it will be refunded if the appointment can be re-booked, else no refund or a partial refund may be offered.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be found here